Our Origins

From environmental consulting to design and function

Bionic Healthy Workplace  is co-founded by Frank Haverkate and Marnie Burgess.  Both Marnie and Frank have over 20 years experience in indoor air quality testing and consulting for workplace environments ranging from health and safety assessments, designated substance assessments, mould growth assessments as well as LEED and WELL building certification testing.  

Their passion though is in creating healthy and green work environments that balance design and function with employee wellness and performance.

Both Marnie and Frank bring the technical background experience of what constitutes a healthy indoor environment, combined with their vision for function and design to make any workspace a healthy environment thats conducive to the function it was intended.

Bionic Healthy Workspace has researched, tested and combined the best indoor air quality and indoor environmental product solutions to take the green building and green office concept to the next level.