Bionic Air Quality Monitoring


Continuous Live Air Quality Monitoring

The Airthinx system is a revolutionary next generation indoor air quality monitoring system that provides real time and continuous air quality information.  Your information is securely accessible through the cloud and can be accessible by 1 designated person or the whole team.  The choice is yours.

Air Quality Information 24/7

Award wining cloud access to your office air quality data from your phone or lap top either at work or from anywhere in the world.

React immediately to indoor air quality issues

No more guessing if there is an air quality issue at work.  No more waiting for air quality testing or expensive consultants that take hours or days to give you the crucial information on your indoor environment.  Time is money and if your air quality is not allowing your staff to work at their's costing you money.

Powerful Air Quality Data Console

The Airthinx air quality monitoring system allows either just 1 or multiple people on your team to access indoor air quality data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can opt to make this air quality data available to anyone in your office, or choose to have it restricted and accessible to a designated air quality manager in your organization.  Either way you will have access to crucial indoor environmental data when you want it.

No more waiting to have an air quality consultant perform expensive air quality testing and having to wait for reports.  Your air quality at your fingertips when you need it.

Our Bionic monitoring service also gives you access to one of our air quality specialists who can help you answer any air quality questions you may have and can assist in interpreting the air quality data and respond immediately to any indoor environmental issues that may be occurring.

Now that's useful air quality data and service that will keep your healthy workspace performing at its peak.


Air Quality Parameters


Airborne Dust

Sensors log micro dust particles such as PM1 as well as PM2.5 which could be mould spores and larger particles such as PM10.


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is an indicator of the quality of indoor air and if adequate ventilation is providing the occupants of an office area or office building with adequate oxygen to perform. 


Temperature and humidity readings in each zone not just what the overall building settings are.


Real time VOC levels.  Crucial for odours as well as people with environmental allergies.


Formaldehyde can be emitted by personal grooming products, scented products and office contents.

Overall Air Quality Score (AQ)

Don't know what all this means or what level you are supposed to have?  A convenient AQ score as well as air quality label of 'good, alert, poor' is part of all readings.