Healthy Workplace Solutions

A healthy workplace will have proper ventilation for all its occupants, good air filtration to support health and wellness as well as a supportive design and function.   

The Bionic Living Wall provides a biophilic solution to the above in conjunction with the Bionic Air and Water Filtration solutions.  

However, you can't solve what you can not see!  This is why the Bionic Airthinx continuous air quality monitoring program is an essential component of any healthy indoor environment.


Living Walls

A living wall adds a green design focal point to any lobby, reception area, office, boardroom and common area while significantly improving the air quality.  Plants absorb pollutants such as greenhouse gases and chemicals while producing oxygen which stimulates energy, efficiency and employee productivity.


Air Filtration

Air filtration systems filter out pathogens from the breathable air such as bacteria, mould and viruses ensuring a healthy and present workforce.


Air Quality Monitoring

The Airthinx continuous air quality monitoring program provides 24/7 information on the status of the indoor air quality in your workspace.