Living Wall Solutions

Large Living Walls for lobbies


These large living walls add a stunning biophilic design to any lobby or corporate entrance.  Make a statement that you are the next generation in corporate responsibility, climate care and employee well being.

Living Pictures for boardrooms


Make sure your boardroom is an environment that fosters creativity, innovation and clear thinking.  Classic stuffy boardrooms can be 'stupid' rooms due to lack of fresh air and poor air quality.

Living Pictures for common areas


Bionic living pictures are ideal for common area workspaces.  Great design and good indoor air quality all in one.

Living Pictures for offices


Bionic Living Pictures come in several sizes to fit any office.

Living Walls for waiting rooms


Impress your clients in a waiting area with a living partition or living wall and provide the reception area with great indoor air quality.  A green reception area provides the right first impression.

Living Partitions


Why use ordinary fabric or composite partitions for workspace privacy.  A Bionic Living Partition takes care of privacy and air quality all in one.

Easy Care

Slim and out of the way


Most of our living wall options contain dozens of plants.  In a standard potted scenario this would fill any office and take up too much room. 

Keeps plants with minimal care


You don't need a green thumb!  Once planted the living wall system takes care of itself.

Waters all plants at once


Simple care.  Every 10-14 days just water in one convenient spout area.  The living wall system tells you when it needs water.

Plants & Air Quality

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Plants absorb CO which is a deadly gas created by heating systems that are experiencing combustion issues as well as from car exhaust outdoors.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

CO2 indoors is mostly created by the occupants of the building breathing.  Elevated CO2 is an indicator of poor air quality and can lead to tiredness, difficulty concentrating and headaches.  Plants absorb CO2 and create oxygen which leads to energy, an increase in cognition and productivity.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

VOC'c are emitted by people wearing perfume or cologne as well as scented cleaning products, office contents, furniture as well as building components, adhesives, paints, etc.

Plants absorb chemicals and VOC's and create oxygen thereby reducing or eliminating odours.

Natural Air Quality

Living wall systems clean the indoor air, absorb and filter out pollutants and create oxygen.  NASA used plants on the International Space Station (ISS) to purify the air quality.