Airborne Allergens

Indoor air in any office can contain pollutants that are either generated indoors, come from outdoors through natural and mechanical ventilation systems and can be carried indoors from visitors or staff.

A sick workforce is an absent or non productive workforce.

Filter Out Pollutants



General indoor dust can contain a number of pollutants from outdoor sources as well as indoor contents and furnishings.


Dust can contain harmful fibres such as asbestos and fibreglass which may not even be in the building but carried in from visitors and staff that may have these issues in their homes.


Mould growth creates mould spores that can pollute the indoor air and cause allergic reactions.


Winter colds spread bacteria throughout an office environment from people coughing and sneezing.


Viruses can remain on surfaces and the breathable air for days.


Outdoor pollutants such as pollen, ragweed, mould spores can affect the indoor air quality through building ventilation systems.