Reopen Safely

Prove to your Staff and Customers...your business is safe to visit.

Whether you have an office environment, restaurant, car dealership or a retail need to prove to your staff and your customers that you have a plan to keep everyone safe in your facility!

Without it...staff will not be productive and customers may not return!

This is beyond cleaning door handles, desks and handing out masks and sanitizer!

Your business needs to show the following for a successful reopening:

  1. A customized daily disinfection protocol specific to your indoor space
  2. Proof that disinfection is successful
  3. Proof that your indoor air quality is conducive to a healthy indoor environment
  4. Mechanical systems to properly ventilate, filter and destroy any potential airborne threat such as bacteria and viruses.

When your business can demonstrate that any contact or airborne threat is being properly managed and remedied...staff and customers will feel safe to spend time in your facility.

How Dow We Provide This?

  1. A customized indoor environmental assessment of your facility focusing on your present indoor air quality issues. 
  2. An audit of your ventilation and air filtration capacity and/or systems
  3. Detailed report with specific recommendations on what steps are needed to improve the indoor air quality and prevent airborne issues with allergens, bacteria as well as viruses such as COVID-19
  4. Disinfection Cleaning Verification and follows up Air Quality Testing to provide documented proof that your facility is sanitary and has good indoor air quality that is able to deal with airborne threats.

We were providing business with this type of consulting in Toronto with SARS in 2003.  We are well positioned to do it now with COVID-19.

Customized Proof

We can create a customized analysis and testing protocol of your business.  

We can implement engineering changes to your indoor space to allow your business to reopen safely and provide re-assurance to staff and customers that your business has taken every step to combat COVID-19 now and in the fall.